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Smartphone Integration

Connect With Your Vehicle
You carry your life in your smartphone. Whether it’s contacts, music, videos, social media, banking or a host of other uses, your smartphone is an integral part of your day. At Awesome Audio, we can help you easily and safely integrate your smartphone with your vehicle so that you don’t miss a thing.

Bluetooth-Hands-free-Calling-Regina-Awesome-AudioHands-Free Calling
One important feature every mobile phone user appreciates in their car is the ability to place and receive calls without holding the phone to their ear. Using Bluetooth technology, Awesome Audio has numerous ways to seamlessly integrate hands-free calling into your vehicle and it’s all done without wires. When you enter the car, the phone connects wirelessly to the vehicle and you’re ready for hands-free calling. It’s that easy. When you’re placing or receiving a call, access your contacts, view caller ID and speak voice commands to enjoy a true hands-free calling experience.

We offer hands-free calling solutions that integrate with your vehicle’s factory-installed sound system or that are part of a replacement in-dash stereo upgrade. Whatever the equipment you have in the vehicle currently, we offer you a range of very easy-to-use solutions. Being safe and keeping attention on the road has never been easier with Awesome Audio’s smartphone integration expertise.

Enjoy All Your Musicsmartphone-Integration-Regina-Awesome-Audio
At Awesome Audio, we can connect the audio on your smartphone with your vehicle’s sound system. We can accomplish this wirelessly over a Bluetooth connection using the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) or we can use a wired connection, such as the headphone jack or docking connector. Either way, you can stream all of your preferred audio content through the vehicle’s speakers to deliver an experience much better than ear buds or headphones. Besides music stored on the smartphone, you can also use the phone’s data connection to bring in Internet-based audio programming such as Jango, Slacker, TuneIn, Spotify and others. This broadens your listening choices almost infinitely. If it’s available on your smartphone, we can make it easily accessible with the car’s sound system too.

Wireless-Charging-Regina-Awesome-AudioWired and Wireless Charging
To keep your smartphone charged, we offer tasteful and easy-to-use charging solutions. We can hard wire a specific type of plug for your smartphone so you need not have the messy cigarette lighter coiled plug cords all over the place. We can place the hard wired charging plug in locations that keep your phone conveniently out of the way, such as in a center console, glove box or other location you prefer. We also offer wireless charging solutions that can charge your smartphone simply by placing the phone into a thin cover and then positioning it on the wireless charging pad. We can customize the placement of this wireless charging pad to integrate discretely with your vehicle’s interior.

Awesome Audio is Your Smartphone Integration Headquarters
Visit or contact us today and one of our product specialists will help you choose the best way to integrate your smartphone with your vehicle and lifestyle to get started with integrated hands-free calling and music streaming using your smartphone.



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