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Collision Avoidance

Surround-View-Camera-Regina-Awesome-AudioBe Aware
With today’s busy lifestyle it’s hard to stay aware of everything happening around you, especially while in a vehicle. Modern technology is making it easier than ever to stay aware of your surroundings, resulting in a much safer driving experience. Once only available in high-end luxury vehicles, things like back-up cameras, front and rear parking sensors and even a full 360 camera view of your vehicle make driving much safer and more enjoyable. Best of all, we can add these features to your current vehicle!

Peace Of Mind On The Road
Other great advancements in collision avoidance include the Mobileye System which can detect pedestrians, vehicles slowing rapidly, lane departure and even optional smart high-beam control make this a great safety feature to add to your current vehicle.

Radar-Detector-Regina-Awesome-AudioAlways In A Hurry?
Let’s not forget about what happens when we are crunched for time, we drive a little faster than that black and white sign suggests we should. With the addition of a radar detector, from entry-level windshield mount to custom installed, fully undetectable radar detectors and laser jammers, let us help keep your cash and license in your back pocket.



Rearview-Mirror-Screen-Regina-Awesome-Audio Tailgate-Handle-Back-up-Camera-Regina-Awesome-Audio


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